Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spiritual Reflections, Part 2

This recording is meant to serve as an aid to spiritual reflection and it is available to all who are ready to benefit from it. The text is the copyright of the Path of Truth, published by the School of Truth, a non-denominational spiritual organisation, based in Johannesburg, South Africa and it is read by andre. The work of the School of Truth includes the bi-monthly magazine from which this material comes, and which is sent out free of charge, as well as a regular prayer group which meets every weekday at 09h30 and 11h00 CAT. It also includes spiritual counseling by mail, email and the telephone, for urgent requests. They welcome prayer requests from both members and non-members. Contact them on for immediate response to your prayer requests. And you are invited to join them in spirit in your own prayers at those times, knowing that you are not alone, but with two or more "gathered in My Name". All their services are always freely given in the Spirit of Love. There are about 8 reflections included in this file. We suggest you download them and keep them for constant use. You will soon experience their strength to sustain you through the tribulations of life that are so often part of the inevitable process of spiritual growth.

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