Tuesday, 1 April 2008

When you are in pain and distressed

An affirmation: when you are in pain, distressed and in need...
Thank you, my Father. Thank You for Your promise that in Oneness there can be no division. I know that I am in You and that You are in me.
It follows that I am One with You in Perfection. Therefore I know that my body and my mind are defined by Your Presence and that there is only one reality, Your reality, within me.
Thank You for banishing the illusion of disease, stress and a lack of material things from my mind and so from my body and my affairs. Thank you for guarding my loved ones from all harm, as I know You guard me .
In the all-revealing Light of Your Loving Presence within me I am filled with wonder to recognize disease and lack for the illusions they are. With gratitude I pass the dis-ease of this human body and its affairs into Your Keeping. I am freed of all pain, worry and discomfort.
Thank You for making me Perfect in Your Trust.
I feel a renewal of the courage that has always been within me. I rejoice in this wonderful renewal of my spirit - a glorious renewal that expresses itself in my restored mental, emotional and physical strength.
This feeling of joy in me, now, is unmistakable. It brings me to know that You are here with me in this very, very precious, private moment.
Now... peace surrounds and fills me to overflowing, so that I am able to give it on to others in great measure to share and to spare. Thank You. Thank You. In the deepest part of me, where resides the essence of You in me, I know: All Is Well!
I rejoice and my soul sings and dances with David in the Streets of Jerusalem! Thank You. Thank You, Eternal Father.